Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Cyst Begone!

I will spare you the details of the goopy stuff I had to drink yesterday beginning at 4PM in preparation for surgery today. Suffice to say, it took several hours to finish it all as every sip made me gag and grimace, and I can only hope everything's out of my digestive system. It sure seems like it. OK, TMI.

The Wookie will be here in a couple of hours and we'll head to the hospital. Which, by the way, sent out a press release yesterday saying that they're installing a new computer system throughout the complex and that wait times for labs etc. may be delayed and if you really don't have to go in, put it off for another day. The day for the new computer system? TODAY!! Anyone who knows me or has read my post about the Pauli effect knows that this is not a good omen. I have rotten luck with those systems and while I won't actually be using it, I still feel this is not a good sign. Hopefully, I'll be in and out of there in just a few hours.

I haven't had any solid food or coffee since 9 yesterday morning and I'm definitely cranky. And slightly sleep deprived. I will post, or have the Wookie post, as soon as we're back. Cheers!



Nervus Rex said...

We'll be waiting to hear the news!

Robin said...

Ooh, you gave me a nasty bit of nostalgia talking about that bowel prep stuff. Been there, done that, still gag thinking about it.

When you're sitting around recuperating, check my archive from August 2006 for the whole nasty business.

Other than that, I'll be interested to hear how you've made out! I'm keeping a good thought for you of course.

mdmhvonpa said...

Note: Use a magic-marker and write on your limbs : "DO NOT REMOVE". you know, just as a precaution. In fact, you may want to write that on your torso and forehead too!

Blinders Off said...

I hope you are up and around soon.

Shauna said...

All went well....thanks for the positive vibes and prayers...will be back soon.


Diane J Standiford said...

CHEERS! All will go well.


It's ALIVE!!! OK, that's a bit dramatic, but I'm glad to see you putting up a tiny "flag" comment and letting us all know you are home...whew.

Linda D. in Seattle