Thursday, April 24, 2008

Horseshoe Up My Butt Part 2

My friends Kathy and Jane came by last night for a short visit. Kathy had already dropped off some skabetti sauce(I like to spell it that way) for easy meals during recovery and they both had enormous hugs for me and the Wookie. Good people those two. My mother has informed me she has some meat pie (the best in the world) for me to stick in the freezer and new pajamas and a bath robe. Seer sucker type material. Yay Mom!

The legal documents should be ready for me to sign by Monday so I think all my bases are covered. And tonight I was manning (personning?) the phones for Kinsmen TV Bingo on our local cable company. I may not have mentioned, the Halifax Kinettes made me an honorary Kinette last year and are extending it for another year. They contribute a lot of money and person power to the MS Society, so I'm happy to help out with the bingoes, and sometimes their charity auctions. Yay Kinsmen and Kinettes! It's been a busy week.

I met with a nurse and an anaesthetist this week for pre-op stuff, blood work and the like. And I also met briefly with the nurse, Judith, from the MS Clinic to fill her in on what's going on with the upcoming surgery. Judith had very good things to say about my surgeon and that he's very highly thought of. Someone else told me he was cute. Which is totally irrelevant. I want to know what his hands are like. Are they steady? Are they clean? Does he know what he's doing?

The anaesthetist gave me a little inside info. He said the surgeon's notes indicate he's not expecting any surprises and I should have a short recovery period. Yay doctors!

First, I've got a resident who's a real keener and now encouraging words from the surgeon. This just reinforces my belief that I've got a horseshoe up my butt. I must tell the surgical team to leave it intact if they come across it.



Robin said...

So what day is this happening?

Shauna said...

Wednesday. So I'll be off work for at least a week and a half if things go well. If they don't go well....a little longer.

I was thinking about blogging live during the procedure but they assure me I'll be unconscious.



Huh huh...I guess there could be WORSE things up the ol' anal canal! LMAO

Linda D. in Seattle

mdmhvonpa said...

Hehe ... she said BUT.

Shauna said...

You're going to love my post today (Saturday).