Friday, April 25, 2008

Bug Saver Superhero Award

My co-worker, Shannon, told me yesterday that she squashed a bee the other night. I gave her a good talking to about that. Those little creatures are necessary for our food production. So I instructed her on how to safely catch and release a bee, or any other creepy crawley for that matter, using a glass and a piece of paper or cardboard. Put the glass over the insect and slide the paper underneath, lift the two together and let 'em out when you've reached the great outdoors.

This morning, Shannon told me that I would have been very proud of her last night as she rescued a slug that her cat or dog had inadvertantly brought into the house. It was on her bed and she automatically reached for a Kleenex to squish it but stopped as she was reaching for the slug. Then she recalled the crap I gave her yesterday and she got a piece of paper, pushed the slimy thing onto it and let it go in the grass. I WAS impressed.

So tonight I award Shannon the Bug Saver Superhero Award even though she doesn't have a blog on which to display it. She'll get a chuckle out of it and so will her son Christopher.

Slugs are simply homeless snails.


Yes, I know that slugs aren't technically bugs. But if it's a creepy crawly and it "bugs" you, then in my books it's a bug.

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Levana said...

Hooray for Shannon, and for you too!