Sunday, April 6, 2008


Maggie said...

Family is so important! Did you also find that having MS made you extra grateful for family?

mdmhvonpa said...

Thank goodness you had the time to establish those critical family connections. We moved about so much that I never really settled into the extended family. They all know me though ... all 75+ cousins, 30 aunts/uncles ... and so forth. First Minnesota Son in the family to marry outside the faith AND race. Trend-setter I was, I now have LOTS of company in the clan.

Shauna said...

Short answer, nope. I have always been thankful for my folks, and was grateful for the support of them by extended family. I think that they (the extended family) took their cue from me as I found the whole scenario rather ironic and funny in a way, as I had just visited a Catholic shrine (as a tourist)where folks normally go to be relieved of their afflictions. My parents didn't quite see the humour at first, though now, 10 years later they appreciate the irony.

We visited family almost every year that I can remember as we moved around a lot. I completed 11 years of schooling in 9 different schools. And when I went to university I wondered if I could handle staying in one spot for 4 years. Most of my cousins and I can pick up where we left off if a lot of time goes by, some are harder to maintain a relationship with if we don't see one another, but that's more personality differences. The whole clan pretty much knows what every one is doing though, as we've always stayed in touch.

You still married a member of the human race, didn't you? That's all that would matter to me...


Nervus Rex said...

LOL about Alien and bed sores!! I never thought about that before!

Trust you to enlighten me :)

Diane J Standiford said...

LOL, that is what I love about family and friends, calling up with quick question. My family is fast disappearing...I guess I'll blog such questions now.Alien/pod/bed sores--excellent.

Diane J Standiford said...

MY family was the type that moved(mentally) further AWAY from me after MS.

Shauna said...

I aim to please.

Not only do I ask questions of family, but I have a folder at work filled with people and their numbers if I absolutely need to know about something. Like the city's parks department to find out how many tulips they plant every year (75,000). Or the name of the guy whose signature is on every elevator permit on every elevator in the city.
Comsider me part of your extended family. I'll be an eccentric cousin or somethin'.