Saturday, January 5, 2008

Some of My Bugs

As requested by Vasha, a couple of my bugs: the first pic is a wasp nest that was built almost above the BBQ at John's house. We removed it when the weather turned cold in the fall of '06 and I cut it in half to see the insides. Funnily enough, another nest was made this past summer in almost the exact same spot.

The second pic is a tiger moth that expired in the back stairwell of my apartment building. I put it in an old pocket watch case. This is my favourite way to mount these creatures. I have a bag of old watches and clocks I pick up at flea markets and yard sales to use like picture frames.

The last pic is a bee I found outside of work. I have always wanted to "pet" a bee as their hair looks to be soft. Not a safe thing to try unless the bee is dead, as this one was.
The frame I found at the dollar store; it seemed to go perfectly.

I am also collecting wings from moths and butterflies that are less than perfect specimens for mounting. I'll be making a collage of those.

Come back tomorrow night as I will have made my 10 year anniversary brain cake and with any luck the pictures will show you what I'm taking to the MS Clinic to "celebrate" 10 years with MS.


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