Thursday, January 10, 2008

Milestones to Go Before I Sleep

Items made from tin and aluminum are the traditional gifts for couples celebrating their tenth anniversary. In my parents' day, they would have received cake pans or cookie sheets, perhaps cutlery. The "modern" day gifts for the 10th anniversary are diamonds. Considering that aluminum has been linked to Alzheimer's Disease and altering the blood/brain barrier, and I'm aware of "blood" diamonds, I guess I'll have to get myself a tin whistle or something like that as a gift. This week marks 10 years since MS entered my life.

MS has been in my life longer than any personal relationship I've ever had. People come and go, but MS will be with me forever. I hope to celebrate many more milestones with MS before I sleep.

Being of a "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em" nature, I celebrate my anniversary. Today I took yummy chocolate cake to the MS Clinic in Halifax to share with the gang there. It's not so much a celebration of the anniversary or that I have MS, but more a celebration of how far I've grown as a person since 1998. It's a celebration of the things I've accomplished and learned and of the people I've had the fortune to meet.
I'm the one in the middle, Cindy on the far left, Carrie next to her, Judith (the blonde one) is one of the nurses, and Linda (soon to be a Grand Ma) looks ready to sprint for the camera. A few others, docs and nurses, were busy seeing patients. But we saved 'em some cake. I took a pic of Lucy (one of the researchers) too, but she told me not to post it. You owe me, Lucy.

I've been told that where you are at 10 years is a pretty good indicator of how your MS will progress. So, mine's going along at a snail's pace and that's good. I like snails.

So snails may not be everyone's cup of tea. Or bugs. But the small and the creepy are my cup of tea. I had to chuckle over this website I found today:

My colleague, Thom, said they should include a flyswatter with the funeral kit. Of course, I disagreed.


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