Sunday, January 20, 2008


This is most of the gang at the Atlantic division of the MS society. Grand Poo Bah, Dena, hinted at celebrating my 10th anniversary along with the gang a the MS Clinic, so I baked a bunch of double chocolate cupcakes and took 'em over on Friday. You can see there's only one left. I almost lost a finger.



harkoo said...

Hi Shauna--I have just read Linda's blog Braincheese and discovered your blog--just want to let you know I am in Maine where there are alot of us with MS. I have to confess I had to look up Canada to see where New Brunswick is--you are quite close to us. I was in Quebec City for the winter festival years ago and have been to Montreal many times as I used to live in Vermont. Canada is certainly beautiful. Will look forward to reading your thoughts from now on. Isn't Linda at Braincheese silly for complaining of the 30 degree temperature in Seattle today? lol It is 7 below and windy here with no relief in sight! Joyce

Shauna said...

Glad you found me! I hope to make some more friends doing this blogging thing.
New Brunswick is right next to Maine, and Nova Scotia is right next to New Brunswick....we're as good as neighbours...though you'd probably spell it neighbors. Not sure if it's still running but they used to have a high speed ferry, The Cat, that ran between NS and Maine. Of course, there are regular ferries, too.
Coincidentally, my first symptoms of MS began in Quebec City 10 years ago.
And yes, Linda doesn't know how good she's got it in Seattle today.
We're in a deep freeze, -17 Celsius this morning with a wind chill around -25.



HEY, you two!!! I heard that!!! **grumble, grumble...warming my hands on the cat**

Linda D. in Cold as a Well Digger's Arse SEATTLE

harkoo said...

Sorry Linda at Braincheese. You know I am a loyal fan. I am sorry I called you "silly" complaining about Seattle's 30 degrees. It's just that it was nice meeting Shauna who knows what we are dealing with in this part of the world--we are below zero temps here with bad wind chills and the snow is as high as our windows. I drank my coffee this morning through a straw under my blankets, the house is so cold! You are welcome to fly out with Meha for your winter vacation! Guess cold is cold and it is a matter of perspective! Joyce