Friday, January 25, 2008


My mom told me a story the other night about the summer I played little league baseball. I don't recall the event but it didn't surprise me.

My folks had instilled in my brother and I a "make lemonade from lemons attitude". This alone probably accounts for what I thought was an inherent trait, but now realize was learned (chalk one up for the nurture side).

The coach of my team wasn't terribly thrilled at having me on the team to begin with and I suspect he was maybe trying to hide the fact there was a girl on his team when he told me I should wear my (very) long hair up under my cap instead of the long pigtails I wore it in. I said I wasn't going to do that. Then I told him that life has given him lemons so he's just going to have to make lemonade.

To be honest, I don't recall a negative experience that summer. The coach never deliberately kept me on the bench, I played the same amount as the rest of the team. I do remember the coach's son, who was on the team, telling his dad he'd have to find a place to put on (or in, I don't know how these things work) his cup. His dad said. "Just do it" and the kid looked at me and put out his arms and said, "But Dad..." and his dad said, "just do it". I politely turned around so I couldn't observe whatever it is you guys do. I do remember laughing about it afterwards though. And it still brings a smile to my face as I type these words.




Men are so fragile...and so vain! LOL

My mother's famous words of wisdom were, "All men are A-holes (she never said the word "a$$" a day in her life), and if you forget it, they WILL remind you". I think she usually said this when my father was around...LOL

Linda D. in Seattle

ms bond said...

Heehee- I was in little league too. My coach was very considerate, practiced my catching, hitting and throwing technique with me, and finally put me in right field. The one time the ball actually made it to right field I was to busy practising ballet to notice. After that I stopped little league but Dad would always take a couple hours for a great game of catch. He never encouraged me to try out for another team though...did I mention that he was my first and only coach? Good memories.

Shauna said...

I learned early on about fragile egos, but never understood why people were like that. It explains why I didn't really have a boyfriend until university, though.

Ms. Bond,
I also spent a lot of time standing around in right field. If I had been in ballet I'm sure I would have practiced that, too...The one time the ball came in my direction and I had to throw it back, I'm afraid it went up farther than it went to the infield....didn't have a good throwing arm. It was a fun summer, though.