Monday, October 13, 2008

Results of My Rant

Thank you all for your comments on my recent rant. I have to admit, I find it difficult to rant in any way against a single group of people, but especially against MSers. I know that everyone's MS is their own and everyone's make-up is different, so not everyone will go through the same things. I just know that I get frustrated with inaction and that's really what I was railing against. I just couldn't quite verbalize it at the time.

On that note, I was speaking with two young med students on the weekend, encouraging them to consider neurology. It's what I do. With every med student I meet. They asked me a lot of questions about MS, which was great, but they also asked why I was so insistent about my attempt to get them into the field of neurology. I thought that was obvious: I need to know Why MS develops and How it develops. And then, How do we fix it.

I told them that the brain is the final frontier of the human body. I don't think I've convinced them. Yet. But I can work on it. I know where they live. Heh.


Pic credit: from Wikipedia, brain coral in the ocean, the earth's final frontier.

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