Wednesday, October 1, 2008

More Bugs and Creatures

News on the bug front. I heard from the curator of zoology at the Museum of Natural History and he told me the bug I found on Saturday is not an assassin bug but a Western Conifer Seed Bug. They are related to stink bugs and while harmless, emits a horrible smell if squished (not that anyone who reads this blog would do that).

On Sunday we went for another long hike in the woods around Suzie Lake. Plenty of evidence of beavers as indicated with the first picture. I suspect the beaver that attempted this tree, though, bit off a little more than could be chewed as the tree was a good foot in diameter.

Then there was an enormous spider what scared both the Wookie and I. It was freakin' huge (for around here) and remarkably NOT scared of us.

And the best part of the walk was the discovery of a salamander. Cute little things. That is my reward for over turning logs, rocks, and other forest debris.

Remember my Warehouse beetle larva, Bee Wear? Still living in my bug magnifying box with flour and rice and shedding skin as it grows. I've been watching this thing since February and I finally caught it shedding a layer this weekend. It's in the very centre of the picture.

Another pic, this time through the magnifying lens part:

I went for a short walk Monday evening after supper, just around the neighbourhood. I encountered two bats! Well, they really just swooped by me very quickly. We had Hurricane Kyle downgraded to a tropical storm on Sunday evening and all day and night Monday it was downright tropical in Nova Scotia, with very warm winds, so the insect and animal life was quite active. I sat outside after my walk and listened to the creatures rustling in the leaves behind me and watching moths and spiders crowd around the security lights. I know...get a life. There really are few things more pleasant than sitting in the relative dark and listening to the sounds of "little" creatures. It's good for the soul. Well, mine, anyway.

We're off to see the Blue Man Group tonight with my friend K. One of the Blue Men is actually from Halifax! Cool. Hopefully I'll have some pics to post.




Awe, cute little salamander... and he didn't even shed his tail. Enjoy the show tonight.

Shauna said...

I learned my lesson the last time so I very gently got him by his middle.....


Miss Chris said...

Hi! I just found your blog from some others I read...I see them in your links too...and I just wanted to tell you I find your posts very interesting.

Denver Refashionista said...

I love your energy and positivity!

Shauna said...

Hi Miss Chris,
Welcome! Come and visit any time.

Thanks! My secret is naps!