Saturday, October 18, 2008

Little Things in Cape Breton

Even while visiting one of the most incredible places on Earth, one with breath taking views from the sky and mountains of riotous colour, I still spend time looking for the "little" or seemingly insignificant things. And I find 'em.

Like a compass from geometry class, grass has left perfect semi-circles:

Raindrops, though gone, have left their mark:

(By the way, if, for some apocalyptic reason, a layer of dirt or sediment fell on these drops, then hardened, a million years from now, some amateur rock hunter might find fossilized rain drops. OK, not the drops themselves, but the effect of their fall on the sand. I'll post another picture sometime soon of a fossil of raindrops found at another beach.)

Footprints of a gull. For some reason, I found the prints to be very funny and was laughing out loud when I came across them. Not that I've never seen gull prints before, but these struck me as comical.

One lone ladybug at the beach.

And finally, a magnificent piece of driftwood I would have loved to have taken home with me. However, it's illegal to remove rocks, plants, trees, fossils, anything from a national park and I'm such a law and order kind of gal, I just snapped this pic.

It made me think of moon craters.

Cape Breton is known for its Highlands, a man named "Giant" MacAskill, huge tuna off the coast, and enormous hospitality. I was surrounded by obvious and large beauty last weekend, but my favourite pictures are of the "little" things.



I love the gull prints. Cool. And the drift wood - I might have broken the rules for that one. LOL.

Merelyme said...

hey these are wonderful pictures...i need to get out and about and take some photos. i love ladybugs...they bring good luck!


Frame work...beautiful in their simplicity.

Linda D. in Seattle

Joan said...

So beautiful! Thank you again for giving me mini vacations through your travels!

Joan said...

Shauna, I would like permission to use your quote from "Stacy" for the topic of this Friday's Delaware MS Chat. Because it's the Friday before Halloween, I'm titling this chat's topic "The Masks We Wear," and Stacy's quote is perfect. I will include a link to your blog. BUT I want to be sure that you approve before I do this. Please let me know at

Lanette said...

Beautiful pictures. I love the beach. I've seen the raindrops leave their prints in the sand before with all those soft little moist peaks. Beautiful!