Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Hike, Pumpkins, and a Kiss

I managed to go for a hike after work today. The wind has been blowing for a couple of days and all day today it was from the southwest and therefore quite warm and pleasant. It shifted around 2 this afternoon and got cold so I was bundled up for the walk. There's a system of trails in a neighbouring community that I'd only been on once before on the bike so was eager to see it a little more "close up" on foot. I came across what I think was coyote scat (that's poop, Braincheese, just for you) but no sign of deer. The trail system is closed to dogs, as it is part of a game sanctuary, and the scat was in the middle of the trail, not on the sides where dogs usually go. That's why I say I think it was coyote. Anyway, I came across skunk tracks:

And a lovely petticoat of fungus on a tree:

I was quite happy to get back to the parking lot as it was getting dark and I had been out longer than I thought I would be. Home to a toasted peanut butter sandwich and my jammies.
I was going to save this last picture for Friday but here it is now:

My carving skills aren't the best, but I had fun doing it (though not cleaning up all the pumpkin guts in the kitchen). The pumpkins are sitting in the lobby of the building where I live for all to chuckle over. The neighbours are probably questioning my sanity as well.

On an unrelated, rather amusing note (to me, anyway), I exchanged a few e-mails with a listener this afternoon who has a herd of unidentified bugs in her home. She was asking me for advice on how to rid her home of the little creatures. I invite them in! Why would I want to get rid of them? I think I have identified them for her, assured her that neither she nor her family and pets are in any danger from them, and that she should shoo them out of the house.

Oh, and thanks to all who commented on my last post. I always want cake, too.

And on one other unrelated note, anybody watch House last night? *Sigh* I liked that kiss. Very romantic. Okay, Wookie, hurry home from work, eh?



Denver Refashionista said...

I did see the kiss.

I love the pumpkins you carved too.

Lanette said...

Cute pumpkins. I did see the kiss on house last night...which leaves me with MANY questions. Is House capable of romance?


Scat and fungus...these are few of my favorite things (*insert music with song lyric here)!! And the fungus is are your carving designs.

Linda D. in Seattle

Shauna said...

Thanks all. House is capable of romance. I think he desperately wants a connection to someone else, otherwise he'd not have been trying so hard with Wilson and Cuddy.

Best line of the show? At the end when he said, "I don't know", just before the kiss.

The scat was just for