Friday, September 12, 2008

End MS

I have been MS-symptom free for a while now; any aches and pains can be attributed to the recent fall from my bicycle. Which is a good thing. But after having checked my stats this morning I have discovered that a number of people came to the blog via

I had been checking that website for a while but hadn't seen anything interactive so had knocked it off my radar. Until this morning. I believe I had mentioned having been asked to be the Halifax MS spokesperson for this campaign, the start of which has been delayed a little bit because of the big MS conference happening in Montreal next week. So I am expecting a little more to write about by next week as far as MS goes.

Anyway, I checked the website this morning and I'm on the blogroll cool! So to all you readers coming from there, Welcome! Enjoy the posts about bugs and bikes and life in general. The brains part will be back soon. I am always reading and researching events, discoveries, and studies, and always formulating posts. It just takes a little longer to write those posts.

In a way, it's interesting to me that from reading the past several posts, one would think I lead a very normal life and not know what lurks beneath the surface of my scalp. I find that comforting; to think that a person with MS can be normal, without the obsession of illness constantly hovering is an idea that 10 years ago would not have occurred to me.

I had a brief chat with a caller yesterday, a woman I have never met, and she mentioned that she knew I have MS. She asked me how I was doing etc., and after I hung up I realized that sometimes I "forget" I have MS. How lucky am I that I need to be reminded from time to time? It struck me as a little bizarre, the elephant in the room sometimes disappears.



Jen said...

Hi Shauna--

Yes, sometimes I forget I have MS, too. Mine seems to have definite periods of dormancy and definite periods of attack. I think I'm more aware of the side-effects of the Betaseron!

I'm glad you're such a go-getter for the cause.


Weeble Girl said...

Shauna, I added you to my blog roll; hope that's okay.

It sounds great to forget you have MS! Maybe that will be me one of these days.


Diane J Standiford said...

My goal, to think of it always and never, I am happy to read a blogger w/MS who doesn't only post about it. I just can't have a blog like that, I am so much more than my MS. Congrats!

Shauna said...

We have to be our own advocates and that means being a go-getter.

Sure you can add me to your blog roll...I'll be adding you and few others to mine as well.

Thank you. And may I say again, how happy I am you're back?