Sunday, September 21, 2008

Bikes, Bears, and Beef

The Wookie and I went out on a logging trail today. About 6 k in there is a series of hiking trails set up by the logging company that owns or manages the land. They maintain the trail at their own expense. We didn't take the bikes on the hiking trail though it's apparently possible according to the two cyclists who emerged from the trail as we approached it. We could hear their bells long before we saw them. We have to get bells, too, for some of the trails we bike have bears. The two cyclists said they saw lots of bear signs, scat and tracks.

About 1/2 k from the hiking trail we came to a gate in the road. At the gate is a tiny bridge going over a fast moving stream where we stopped for some pics. First, the dragonfly that posed so patiently:

Then into the woods a few yards for a better look at the stream:

And finally, one of me.

All together it was a 14 k ride with a lot of rocky road uphill. Coming back was a relative breeze. On the way home we stopped at a local beef and chicken farm as it was Open Farm Day in the province and about 100 farms were participating by having "open house". I chatted with one of the farm workers about the beef cattle, we had burgers (and I felt a little guilty eating a burger in front of the animals), and the Wookie bought a free range chicken for beer can chicken later in the week. All in all a good day.

Fall arrives tomorrow. *sigh*



Denver Refashionista said...

sounds fun.


"Fall" is the obstacle course season of biking...prepare to be challenged. LOL

Linda D. in Seattle