Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Cycle to Walk

This morning as I pulled in to work I happened across a guy who is hand cycling across Canada to raise funds for Polio eradication. He was doing interviews with the local TV station.

Ramesh's story is quite incredible. Adopted from India by a Canadian couple he had contracted polio at 6 months of age. He began his cross Canada journey in April and is nearing the end of his trip.

I recall reading and hearing about polio as a young child but it wasn't until the 1980s that I really understood what the disease was all about and the fear it instilled in parents. To this day I don't understand why people don't vaccinate their children against a disease, when the risks of developing the disease are much greater than risk from side effects of the vaccination. Ramesh is hoping to promote vaccination and raise funds to eradicate the disease in developing nations such as India (he didn't receive a vaccination).

He's an inspiring young man. you can check out his website and blog at

Later today or tomorrow, you might even see a pic of me with some local construction guys posing with Ramesh.