Sunday, September 14, 2008

Warp Speed

So the Wookie and I went for a relatively short but intense bike ride this morning. I had a flat tire before the bike even came off the car, but we fixed the inner tube and were off. On the way to a lake about 5 k away I stopped to inspect a yellow wooly bear. It's the larva of a dagger moth, though it could also possibly be the larva of a Virginia tiger moth. Not really sure as the caterpillars are very similar and we do have tiger moths here. Anyway, it kindly posed for pictures and we were on our way.

Once we reached the end of our ride, I checked my stats on the bike computer. It tells me how far I've gone, how much time was spent riding the bike, my average riding speed, and my maximum speed. To be honest, I'm not much of a speed demon. I sometimes check my speed on steep down-hills and anything above 25k usually frightens me. But I just about died when I saw this:

105.9 k/hour? That's like 66 miles an hour!!

No way did I do that. There's gotta be something wrong with the computer. But the Wookie asked if I was going to try for warp speed next weekend.



Lanette said...

Interesting Yellow Wooly Bear. Not an especially pretty caterpillar as they go.

66 miles an hour...really?! Do you need to re-calibrate that equipment or could it be right?

Shauna said...

We think as I rode over an overpass with cars whizzing underneath at 105.9 k/hour my computer sensor picked that up. I have gone 55 k down a very steep hill once, but to hit 105 I'd have to be going down a 90 degree angle which means I'd be going straight down (or jumping out of an airplane).
I'm taking the bike for a ride today so I'll check the computer again.



WHOA!!!! For a minute there, I thought that picture WAS the "Wookie"! LMAO

So sorry to have been missing in action here for the past 10 days...*Life* called and I answered.

Thank you for writing the 9/11 piece...and thank you for being such a gracious neighbor to the North. :-)

Linda D. in Seattle

Shauna said...

The Wookie is even fuzzier than the caterpillar...heh.

Glad to read you've attending to "life".