Sunday, June 15, 2008

Cranky Baby and Dad

Last night I "guest DJed" at a Women's Dance. About 5-10 minutes before the dance was to begin, one of the computers we were using to spin tunes (figuratively) kind of cacked out a bit and refused to do what it had been doing before. Luckily Kathy had a couple of mixed CDs we could use 'til we got things going again. I brought Cranky Baby, wearing her party dress, and sold a handful of raffle tickets, and received a fantastic donation for the Bike Tour. I even ran into a former co-worker and someone else who has MS (we're everywhere). And one of the bartenders was someone I knew from the MS clinic years ago. All in all it was a good night.

Earlier in the day, I hopped on the bike and rode to a spot where a community effort is underway to clear out and clean up a few acres that has been donated for use as a park. Of course Cranky Baby came with me and wore her hard hat (it's all about safety for her). Here she is supervising our illustrious leader, Walter.
And yet again, supervising the debris shredders from the safety of the truck.
You can always go to Facebook to check out the "I Love Cranky Baby" page, too.

Since today is Father's Day, I should tell you a little something about my dad. You already know that my interest in bugs came from him. My sense of humour mostly came from him, too.

Dad plays the piano. He took lessons as a kid of course, but stopped playing as a teen. When I began taking lessons, my father soon followed. He began taking lessons, too. Our house always had some kind of music going, usually classical. That line from the Grinch comes to mind, "Noise, noise, noise, noise, noise!" We both stopped lessons when we moved overseas (I was 16), but dad kept on playing. I played as well, for variety shows at school, and for a youth group musical, but once university began, I didn't have as much time or access to a piano. Dad still plays.

Dad went back to school, around 1989 for a course in computers. I believe it was MS-DOS he was learning. I got him a lunch box and some crayons to help celebrate. Mom said that the weeks he was taking the course, he had some wild dreams and talked and gesticulated in his sleep. I guess we both have issues with computers.

Speaking of sleep, Dad can drop off for a nap faster than almost anyone I know. 20 minutes later he can be awake and refreshed and ready to go again. (I have yet to master this talent. I can drop off for a nap pretty quickly, but it lasts 2-3 hours.)

Dad likes presents. Every year for Christmas or birthdays, Dad would send me a picture cut out from a flyer of the tool or nails or whatchamacallit I could get him. One year it was a mitre box, another year it was C-clamps. In recent years, however, I've taken to asking him what he would like. His response has been "Don't get me anything. Save your money." So a couple of years ago on his birthday, the Wookie and I went over for his birthday dinner. After dinner, Dad was kind of looking around for his birthday presents. "But you said you didn't want anything" I told him. I've never seen a sadder face. Then I went out to the car to get him his present.

Happy Father's Day Dad. And yes, I have presents for you.



Nervus Rex said...

AHA! Cool ! CB's on Facebook!

I'm enjoying the pics over there.

Loved the stories about your dad. He sounds like a very special, talented, and sensitive man!


Shauna said...

Like father, like


Nervus Rex said...

Good one ;)


Groovin' on that baby! And I so love her poses...

Your dad sounds very sweet. :-)

Linda D. in Seattle

Bubbie said...

Finally a chance to catch up with my favorite bloggers! Just Love CB. Thanks for the smiles and chuckles this morning. PS. Lady slipper pics are great too.

Shauna said...

I'm one of your favourites? Glad Cranky Baby makes you smile.
the Wookie and I went for a short walk the other night and came across dozens of the lady slippers. Of course, the camera battery died, so I have to go back real soon to take shots.

Linda, you can always see more of cranky Baby on her Facebook page....and you might even find her videos on you tube.