Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Charles and I

Today Charles has posted another podcast featuring yours truly. You may have already read the post on my blog a while ago but if you want to hear me saying it out loud, head over.

I find it slightly amusing (in a good way) that Charles and I have teamed up. I work for mainstream media and Chuck the Canuck doesn't like them. Kind of. He's not keen on how the MM leaves out certain populations. I don't blame him, as I get kind of annoyed, too, but I get more annoyed at people who don't take action of some sort. You don't have to start a blog, or raise thousands of dollars, or wheel to Capital Hill or Parliament in protest of health care policies. But if you're going to sit and complain without doing something to change what bugs you, you'll get no sympathy from me. I like how Charles is podcasting about what bugs him and learning about how to reach a wider audience and how to get advertising for his podcasts. And his valiant attempts at getting the MS Wiki up and running are worthy of recognition. (Soon he tells me...bugs to be worked out, and not MY kind of bugs) So if you take some kind of action by writing letters to your elected officials, or make phone calls, or stuff envelopes, or even take the time to explain to someone who asks about MS, then you're OK in my book.

The other difference between Charles and I is that he is a Quebecois: French Canadian, and I'm...well...I 'm not. My ancestors came from Scotland but I am part of the English-speaking-only population of this country. However, my step-grandmother was Acadian (French Canadian, too, but a different group from the Quebecois). Actually, all four of my grandparents first learned to speak Gaelic. My step-grandmother first learned French. My point is that there is friction between the English and French in this country that has been a bone of contention for centuries.

These are really minor differences in the grand scheme of things. We share much more than we don't. We both are Canucks, we both have blogs, and we both have MS. And that over rides politics or ancestry any day.


The picture is from CFB Gagetown in New Brunswick in January 07 for Red Rally Friday, a recent movement to show support of the troops. Click on the picture to get a better idea of how they set up the pic.

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