Friday, March 27, 2009

A Beautiful Walk

Last Sunday the Wookie and I went for a hike in Shubenacadie Park, a beautiful system of wooded trails we often bike in the warmer seasons. It is built around the Shubenacadie Canal, a waterway that stretches the width of the province. There was still quite a bit of snow and ice in more exposed areas and we had to turn back from one part of the trail that was too treacherous, so we walked by the system of locks. The Wookie told me I should take some pics of the locks, but I declined. I will take pics the next time. Instead I took some shots of the ducks on the ice covered canal.

On the way back we were driving through an industrial park and had to stop to allow a porcupine to cross the road. I have seen a few live porcupines in my life, but not many. They pepper the side of highways from spring to fall after having been hit by cars. Another car came along beside me and stopped as well as they realized I must be at a standstill for a reason. The occupants also got a chuckle from the animal lumbering across the road. The Wookie says if you're ever lost in the woods in Canada, find a porcupine and follow it. They always end up somewhere on the Trans Canada highway.

Braincheese wanted to know about my camera. It's a Fuji Fine Pix Z digital camera. The reason all the pics are so clear is that I don't post the blurry ones (heh).

The weather for the most part this week ranged from blinding snowstorm to extreme sunshine with high winds so walking and hiking have been curtailed. Haven't even got the bike out yet and I'm beginning to get frustrated. I will play in the snow, hike in the cold, and bike in the rain, but the wind has been too brutal. The weather is improving for today and tomorrow though so I anticipate a little physical activity in the very near future. The Bike Tour is a mere 4 months away and I have to get moving again!

Maybe we'll go hunting rabbits....I did find tracks a couple of weeks ago:



Denver Refashionista said...

I hope you get out to excercise soon.

My husband just signed us up for the MS walk here and is currently creating our page. This will be my first walk since last year I was having an exacerbation at that time. I'm looking forward to walking this year.


Shauna, I too love your photos. Now, where is the photo of the porcupine?

Nadja, Enjoy your walk!!


Ah ha! My old film autofocus was a Fuji...darned thing STILL works 20 years later, but I can't up load without scanning hard copy photos into the computer.

My, but I do miss the finer, yet simpler things in life. LOL

You've got the camera "eye" my dear!

Shauna said...

We got out again on the weekend - yay!

The Wookie said I should take a pic but I was in the car with no where to park nearby and I was trying to keep an out for traffic. The next one I see will be photographed for posterity.

The digital is amazing. And they're pretty inexpensive now. The Wookie has a digital SLR with more bells and whistles than you can shake a stick at. but it takes great pics.