Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I'm Still Here

We went out for a 5 k hike on Sunday and on the way back I had to stop to climb a cliff, sit in an office chair that had been left there, and pretend to do some work on a thrown away laptop. Besides almost giving the Wookie a heart attack, we came across lots of deer tracks and one set of rabbit tracks, plus we got to see Jack's lake completely (and still) frozen over.

I have been remiss of late with my blog reading and writing, but I really have been busy. Work is a little on the crazy side and weekends seem to be spent catching up on sleep, baking and preparing stuff for lunches, and all the miscellany of life. But I am still here.


Wordsmith said...

... and I am so glad you are!

Anonymous said...
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Denver Refashionista said...

Wow, the comment before mine is a mystery. Anyway... I'm glad you are "still here."

Anonymous said...
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Shauna said...

Thank you ladies.

Dear H,
Please refrain from commenting about religion on my blog unless it relates to the post I've written. You may easily set up your own blog for whatever you wish to discuss. Thank you.

Herrad said...

Hi Shauna,

Wonderful you can climb these amazing cliffs.

Great photos found the one of you sitting in the office chair very worrying.

The frozewn lake is great when you click on the photo it gives you the feeling you are there which is great thanks.


Anonymous said...

i am man..
and i dont want to upset you..
i just want to inform you according to Islam..

Shauna said...

Nova Scotia's terrain lends itself to climbing cliffs of all sorts. Along the coast, where I live, the geology is such that everything is built on bedrock. The rock sticks out of the earth's surface in people's yards like icebergs in the North Atlantic. It makes for interesting gardening, too.


steve said...

Glad you are here as well. I just came back from a more urban hike-the love goddess, the blond princess and I visited the Rock and Roll Hall of fame last week-lots of inside the museum walking, and roaming around downtown Cleveland which turned out to be a very nice city. And what a great selections of eating places. Glad I walked off the extra calories. Another bit of excercise was keeping up to the goddess the princess in the local shopping that is the worlds longest marathon! Enjoy the day and take a deep breath once every so often. Cheers!


I've been trolling the blogosphere with head down in shame due to my lack of attendance/reading of, I'm glad YOU are back as well as being glad to be back MYSELF to read you!

BTW, what type of camera are you using for your photos? They always seem so crystal clear...I have a Nikon autofocus (had a Canon) and it does OK, but your colors appear quite vivid. Either that or I need to lay off the sauce when I'm reading here. LOL