Monday, March 30, 2009

Jam Packed Weekend

We had an exceedingly busy weekend, including two very long hikes. the first one was along a still snow and ice covered trail I bike often and where I saw my first insect of the season. It's just one of those little millers and I actually saw three of them.

Sunday saw us trek around my neighbourhood a couple of times and I took pictures of the old Moirs Mill building I mentioned previously. You can see the remains of the big water intake pipe on the right hand side.

Looking through the intake pipe you can kind of make out the inside of the building, and on the right is a window in the floor which allows you to see the river rushing by underneath.

Walking upriver are the cement pylons that supported the water pipe that came from the river which is fed by Paper Mill Lake. I'm standing on one to take the picture and each one is about 4 feet tall.

And along one of the ponds connected to Paper Mill Lake is a muskrat lodge. Close examination along the shore revealed footprints of something and an access hole in the ice. I'm not sure if the prints are of a muskrat or racoon; I did take a closer shot of the tracks but after searching the internet am unable to discern their source.

We covered about 12 k on the weekend as the weather was absolutely gorgeous. Of course we're paying for it now. The rain began late last night and continued in flood like proportions until this evening when it changed to snow. Halifax got off luckier than northern and eastern parts of the province though as they're getting much more snow. It is spring in Nova Scotia though, so it's to be expected.

We also went to the symphony Saturday night - they were joined by a rock band and the night was The Music of Queen. It was a spectacular show. Sunday afternoon we went to the last game of the season of the Halifax Rainmen and the guys were hot. The team they were playing really were no match so there was a lot of crowd pleasing show-off plays. Of course last night I was asleep almost before my head hit the pillow.

And today was my annual physical check up with my family doc. If it weren't for my brain degenerating as I type I'd be perfectly healthy. Them's the breaks I guess.



Wordsmith said...

You inspire me, Shauna! I was sitting here reading and thought, "Self ... Shauna was out hiking on the weekend. Not just once but twice! Get off your backside and get outside in the sunshine!" So, as soon as I hit SEND, I'm going out to explore my new neighbourhood. My dog will appreciate it too.

Shauna said...


So how was your trek? I'm afraid I didn't get out all week but am going again this morning, despite the continuous rain.