Friday, January 9, 2009

GPS For Your Brain

And here we go again....another first for Halifax and the Brain Repair Centre. GPS for your brain. Read the article here.

You might think that Halifax is a hotbed of neuro activity with all the posts lately about this stuff. And you'd be right. Because we have folks like Dr. Mendez who come here to live and work and play, we, as a community benefit. So if you've got a neuro type injury, this is the city you want to be in for treatment.

Much of the same can be said for MS treatment. 11 years ago, as I was being diagnosed I was explaining to my folks how lucky I was to be in this city. With the close relationship the medical school had with the hospitals, the excellent faculty of both schools and hospitals, and emerging treatments for MS, Halifax was the best place in the world to be diagnosed and treated for MS. It still is, I believe.


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That's such a cool device. Sounds like Halifax is hoppin' neuro town.