Tuesday, January 6, 2009

11 Years On

Now that the Christmas season is over, I can take a bit of a breather. It was fun, but so busy I didn't know some days from others.

I may actually put away the decorations this week (though I only took down the Halloween lights December 24th). My neighbour and I will be doing some purging this month as it's easier to get rid of stuff with an uninterested party aiding you. I hope to find a space to set up my bike besides the living room, though it did serve as a Christmas tree of sorts.

I have a slew of appointments to make for this month: eye doc, dentist, family doc...just regular annual or semiannual checkups but I will have my MS anniversary checkup soon, too. Oh, yeah, happy anniversary to me! This week marks 11 years with MS, though in retrospect, I may have had symptoms 5 years before that. I'll be making chocolate cake of some sort this week to share with the staff at the clinic, and like last year there will be pictures. Stay tuned!

And basketball begins this week. Here's a great shot of the owner of the Rainmen taken by the Wookie at one of the exhibition games recently:

We'll be attending the games with our friends Kathy and Jane, which in itself is a hoot. These gals have the same sense of humour we do, poor things.



Jen said...

MS anniversary: woo hoo! Enjoy the ball games.


Lanette said...

I was considering leaving my Xmas tree up till Easter as my hubby likes the warm glow the lights give off - probably shouldn't leave it up that long huh?

My MS Anniversary will be 6 years in February - where does the time go!


Happy Anniversary!! Sounds like a lot of doctors appointments. But better to get so much of that out of the way all at once.

Shauna said...

I brought cupcakes to the clinic yesterday while going to see my drug dealer. I brought the dealer cupcakes too....

Jen, the first game was last night...it was a good one. Another tomorrow.

My folks left the Christmas lights up til Easter one year, too. And we had a surprise two day snowstorm at Easter that year. the house looked cool.

I have been trying to synch up all my appointments for the last couple of years. Finally, I think I've done it!


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