Monday, July 7, 2008

NB MS Bike Tour

The New Brunswick Rona MS Bike Tour was a resounding success. I got a late start on Saturday morning so was only able to ride 35 kilometres. Not bad in 3 hours, but the heat was too much for me. A little more than half way. The Wookie rode the whole thing both days. And then we had a four hour drive back home.

The banquet on Saturday night was great. The food was wonderful and the accommodations were excellent. We stayed on the campus of a private school just outside Saint John , New Brunswick. We may go back for it next year. And Cranky Baby was a big success. Most people made appropriate comments as they rode past me on the road and at the banquet she was officially introduced to everyone. Then they understood her purpose and didn't think I was so much of a nut.

I also realized that I haven't posted pics of the Wookie so here ya' go: This was on the drive to New Brunswick:

Here's one fifth of our team. Only a few of us rode the NB tour but it's good practice for the NS ride in 3 weeks.
At rest stop number 3 Cranky Baby had a bit of an attitude with an RCMP officer so she was put in the back of the police cruiser to cool off for a bit.
I bailed her out with promises of good behaviour. At the banquet, she met a number of folks including the Mayor of Saint John:
The next day, she and I were riding in a support vehicle and bringing up the rear. We stopped at the last rest stop before the finish and ran into the Wookie.

I took a whole bunch of pictures for Cranky Baby's next video and I also was able to find and catch some moths and butterflies. These two moths are called luna moths. The bottom one was a little paler in markings and colour but they're the same.

This pic gives you a better idea of the size of them, a little more than 4 inches in length with a similar sized wingspan.

And for the amphibian lovers, a tiny frog on a lilypad in the Wookie's pond.

I will spend my day off recovering from the weekend's events and cleaning up. Maybe a short bike ride, too.



Nervus Rex said...

Way to Go, Shauna -- you are always an inspiration to me :)

I loved the pics of Baby in the police car and with Wookie (cutie pie!)

The Luna moths are beautiful -- just amazing!!

Shauna said...

I am amazed that the first day I see a live luna moth, I actually came across two of them. And when I got home a coworker had called and left a message about one hanging around her place for a day.


Denver Refashionista said...

So that's the Wookie. Why is he called the Wookie?
BTW, I love the picture of Cranky Baby incarcerated.

Shauna said...

The Wookie is so named because he was practically born with a moustache, he's the hairiest guy I've ever dated, and he can grow a full beard in about 38 minutes. Ok, so really he's just the hairiest guy I've ever dated so I took to calling him a walking carpet, the Wookie.

In real life, I don't call him that. I did want to afford him some anonymity so took to using the nickname on the blog. I usually just call him "Sweetie".

The first officers I asked to put Cranky Baby in the back were a little iffy about it but the other guy was great.