Monday, January 25, 2010

Eagle Watch

We had a pretty busy weekend. The Halifax Rainmen started the PBL season earlier this month and we went to the second home game Friday night. Saturday morning we were up at 5 and on the road to go the Annapolis Valley for the Eagle Watch. I blogged about this event last year and since the Wookie has even more complex camera gear since then he wanted to take more pictures. Sadly, it was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay below freezing so neither of us lasted long after the pancake breakfast so he went back on Sunday. In the meantime we stopped in at a trout ice-fishing tournament to see what was going on. Pretty cool actually. I went into one fishing hut (really a tent) and chatted with the two guys in there. Very friendly. And the inside of the tent was extremely warm as they had a portable heater with them (sitting on a block of styrofoam, of course, so the propane tank wouldn't freeze sitting right on the ice, like it did last year - heh).

So without further ado, some pics of the weekend:

The ice fishing tournament:

Me in the ice fishing tent:

Hole in the ice with a sonar or radar type device called a fish finder:

A bunch of eagles in flight:

One in particular:

While the Wookie went back to the Valley on Sunday I went for a good long hike between Jack, Sandy, and March lakes. I saw plenty of rabbit and deer tracks and the temperature was much more pleasant than Saturday.

time to batten down the hatches as we've got quite the rain storm on the way for tonight.



Denver Refashionista said...

Looks chilly but fun. Hope you're well.

Shauna said...


I had fun chatting with the fishermen about their catches and the fish finder.

Aside from fatigue (which is getting better) I am pretty good health wise. Still contemplating of these days I'll start it.