Sunday, May 10, 2009

Waterfall Wonderland

We got out to the waterfall yesterday. Absolutely spectacular. We found the right road into the woods, parked the car in the parking lot, and as soon as we stepped out of the car could hear the water. As we walked down to the falls, you could feel the temperature drop by a few degrees. The water, the rocks, and the shade of the old growth pine and fir trees contributed to the chill, but when I saw the falls, I had goosebumps. The Wookie took this picture:

The falls are about 30-40 feet high. And there is another waterfall close to it:

I started out at the top of the main waterfall and took pics, working my way down. Actually, I didn't get too far as the terrain isn't great unless you've got ropes:

My pics really don't do the site justice. Almost everything in the woods was covered with moss and sitting on it was like sitting on a shag carpet. We hiked downriver along the ridge above the flow but failed to find a way down. that will be for the next trip out there. But I did find what, at first, made me think was a gigantic pile of bear poop:

It's actually a chunk of fungus that was knocked off a tree. Thank God, as the size of it would have indicated a grizzly in the vicinity. And we don't have grizzlies in this part of the country. But I had to take a pic of it for Linda at Braincheese.

I love this picture the Wookie took. Kind of a Where's Waldo, but with me instead:

And so concludes our trek to the waterfall. We'll be going back as there is another path that can get you to the bottom of the falls for another perspective. The Wookie wants to go back some morning before sunrise to get the light streaming in as the sun comes up. Um...ok....I'll bring coffee.



Denver Refashionista said...

Beautiful photos. I really like the one featuring tree roots.


You know, sometimes I scroll through your photos before reading the text (I also "read" National Geographic for the pictures)...and when I hit the second to the last photo, I nearly screamed "JACKPOT"!! Then, with only minor disappointment I read the main attraction in the photo was NOT a true Easter Egg. But just for a few seconds, I was certain I had hit the big one...LOL

Shauna said...

I, too, love the tree roots. Sometimes they just scream "I insist!" as they push their way through the earth.

I was certain there was a large animal that had left that behind, and I, too, was slightly disappointed that it wasn't what I thought. And then kind of relieved.

Lisa Emrich said...

Shauna, these are really cool. What fun to find your bright face, too.

Kim said...

Thanks for sharing such great photos! Makes me want to find a waterfall in my neighborhood!

Lanette said...

Those are great pictures! I love waterfalls.