Saturday, May 9, 2009

A River Runs Through It

Last Sunday was the first time the Wookie and I went for a walk since I banged up my butt. We had received information about a waterfall and so wanted to hike to it. Sadly, we didn't find it, though we had a great 2 and a half hour hike, some of it through untrailed woods along a river. A little bushwhacking was in order. We started close to the mouth of a small river that had a few
really gnarly trees that were like something out of a horror story:

There's a closer look at this tree at the end of this post.

The river runs through a small gully. We saw lots of deer sign and the Wookie claimed he could make out a bear track. It was rather old and faded though, so I'm not sure. Either way we continued on. We found a sac of frogs' eggs. I'm used to the jelly like substance that encases the frogs' eggs in the Wookie's pond, so this one was new to me. It had the appearance and feel - or at least what I imagine the feel to be - of a silicone breast implant. Very cool.

More fiddleheads(can't wait to get a pound at the grocery store or farmer's market):

One of the "relaxing" spots along the river:

As we hiked, the terrain started to get a little rougher, the rocks bigger and more jagged, and we were closing in on the waterfall. According to Google Earth, we were about a half inch from We had to turn back in order to get to our Bike Team meeting on time. But after rechecking Google Earth, we now know where exactly to enter the woods to find the waterfall. That's where we're going this morning.
My favourite picture from the day is this one: a cross between Salvidor Dali and Edvard Munsch.

You could almost hear the tree moaning...

Anyway, we're heading out to the waterfall this morning and should have some spectaulr pics later.


Lisa Emrich said...

Very cool hike and pics. Thanks for taking us on your journeys. My bf really liked the first photo.


I really think you should consider a side career in professional capture some truly amazing shots. :-)

Shauna said...

Thanks, ladies. Linda, I did have a side, side, side career in photography many years ago. I sold a few pics in my twenties and did a couple of weddings as "wedding gifts" for friends, but knew that it wasn't a career for me. I tend to go for texture more than colour and composition, and it's colour that pays more. Besides, there are tons of photogs out there working at Mickey D's to pay the rent. Kind of like Hollywood being full of actors who wait tables on the side.


andrew said...
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