Monday, May 25, 2009

Too Busy

I have been busier than a one armed paper hanger as they say. Hiking, biking, and work, has taken up my time for the past week and a half, not to mention a river clean up and the Halifax MS Walk to MC. I did manage to drop in to Joan's MS chat Friday night before I completely melted into a messy puddle from the heat. My apologies for being gone so long. But I did take pictures:
The first one is the gate at the top of the fish ladder. It was full of gaspereaux and suckers resting after making their way up the ladder. They will go through the gate and continue upstream. We scooped out several of them and gave them a bit of a start on the other side of the gate:

Farther up stream, a rough crossing that had been put in place 40 years ago for construction access and then used by off road vehicles, was rebuilt to keep the vehicles off the river and return it to what it was naturally: a channel for fish to get from the river to one of the lakes, and then continue up stream:

On the other side of the channel is a series of logging trails that are completely accessible for hiking and biking. The Wookie and I will be riding on some of those trails this summer. If he ever gets back from his business trips....


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