Monday, April 20, 2009

More Hikes

The past week has been rather on the busy side, with work commitments, dinner with friends, and then getting the Wookie at the airport.
Last Wednesday I took a trek to Jack's Lake from the western side. It's completely cleared of ice as this picture can attest. If you look to the opposite side of the water you can see the little beach I normally come to for pics.

Saturday morning I was part of a spring clean up in and around a small part of the Little Sackville River. It didn't take us long to gather 25 bags of garbage plus bigger stuff that won't fit in a garbage bag. I had a young partner, Jennifer, who, though quiet, was excited to be part of the clean up. And as an added bonus we came across another cocoon in a pussy willow tree. It was almost hidden by leaves and grass but I gently pried off a bit of the leaves to reveal the cocoon to Jennifer. I later sent her pics of our discovery and pics of the moth that I believe will emerge.

On a trek today I found a skull in a tree. OK, not a real skull:

On our hike yesterday, the Wookie and I tried to get pictures of a couple of woodpeckers but they were uncooperative. I did spy the cutest little racoon pawprint, though:

But I think the greatest discovery was of the rare, endangered, and dangerous Kung Fu Panda Bear:

The bike will be coming out of hibernation very soon. I'm hoping that all the hiking is building muscle in my legs in preparation for the long bike rides I'm planning for the spring and summer. And I'm currently researching Parkinson's Disease. It is a very different animal from MS, but it does run in my family. I hope to have something on that in the near future.



Mkay, that last picture threw me as I sat staring at it, trying to make out the bear!! Hey, I have a fever...what do you expect?!?

(still laughing out loud)

Merelyme said...

Lovely make me want to go out and find some adventures myself. I hope you are doing well.

Shauna said...

I came across a strip of fabric in the woods the week before that had that print on it and debated taking a pic of it so when I came across another example of the print on a bag I knew it was meant to be shared.

The adventures are there for the having.....and I'm doing well. Just overly busy these days...