Monday, April 27, 2009

Birds, Botany, and My Butt

As usual, click on the pictures for a better look.

The latest hike (yesterday) was about 7k through woods to the power line that runs between Sandy Lake and Marsh Lake. When I was there a week and a half ago there was no sign of nesting osprey. This time we saw two nesting pairs. The birds are still putting the final touches on their summer homes and will lay eggs in the next two weeks. The osprey cam that I featured last summer should be up and running again soon and I'll post the link to it when that happens. The Wookie got better shots than I did but hasn't posted them yet. So mine will have to do.

Along the power line were these transitioning pussy willows:

Following the power line we arrived at the stream (though now a river) that empties Sandy Lake into Marsh Lake. Following the stream into the woods towards Sandy Lake was an option we hadn't enjoyed before so we tramped through the wet trail that was there. On the way we came across a mouse condo:

I saw tons of ferns sprouting from the wet ground. Almost time for fiddleheads! Boiled with butter and salt or a little bit of vinegar....yum:

We managed to traipse around the eastern side of Sandy Lake and got right back to our starting point with no problems. Now I need to get to the western side. I also found an insect pupa. No idea what it is or what it's going to be so a little research first and pics and identification will follow. The fish ladder cleaning was cancelled because of high water and it's been rescheduled for next weekend.

We also attended a skating party yesterday afternoon. I foolishly borrowed someone's skates, got 5 feet on the ice and promptly smashed onto it, butt first. I ended up straining some butt muscles so am walking a little slowly today and it will delay my biking by a few days, but I'll be riding soon enough. I also have to write a note of apology to the rink maintenance people for cracking their ice......



Diane J Standiford said...

You and your sweetie were made for each other. Who else...? "mouse condo" hahahaha

Herrad said...

Hi Shauna,

Hope you are not so sore today.

Loved the photos.



Oops...sorry to read the "butt" reference was involving a landing. But very coolio photos all the same!