Tuesday, February 12, 2008

You Can Pick your Friends and You can Pick Your Nose But you Can't Pick your Friend's Nose

Yesterday I had an appointment with my neurologist for my anniversary check up. Since I was diagnosed I get the once over at least once a year as per guidelines of the drug study I entered. I went through the usual paces: the walk test, the PASAT (that horrible addition test that requires listening to two numbers, adding them, hearing another number, adding that to the second, hearing another number and adding that to the third one and so on- to myself I call it the Piss test beause it makes me feel really stupid no matter how well I do), and the regular hopping on one foot, heel to toe, and holding-out-your-hands-palms-up tests. Then I have to fill out a questionnaire on symptoms and the degree to which I am affected by them and am-I-ready-to-jump-off-a-bridge series of questions.

As far as I know I did all right on all those tests. And no, I'm not ready to jump off a bridge.

Dr. Murray did ask me about any symptoms I've had recently so I mentioned the tingling I've had off and on on my left nostril. He touched it and the right one several times with a brush (Was there a difference in feeling? Yes). Then he got a Kleenex, and twisted it to a point and stuck that IN my nostril. No reaction from me. He stuck it in the right...that tickled. Back in the left...but no tickle reflex. Then I told him to pick his own nose.


I'm really glad Dr. Murray has a sense of humour. The picture above is of "Nose Cups", novelty cups for use at parties etc.



Hmmm...if my neuro got that close to my nostrils, I'd probably claim "spasm" and smack her up the side of the head. And...sigh...she'd probably smack me back!

Linda D. in Seattle

Shauna said...

I've just missed Dr. Murray a few times when he's testing my knee reflexes, and he's almost been whacked every time he checks my foot tickle reflexes. But he never takes my word for it when I say that particular reflex is fine....I think I'll call him doubting Thomas from here on. His first name is Thomas after all....