Monday, February 25, 2008

Shocking Discovery

I don't know what it's like for little boys, as their genitalia is quite visible to them from day one, but for little girls, it can be a shocking surprise when they finally discover what "it" looks like. I was 12 when I sat down in front of a mirror to take a look at what the fuss was all about. OMG! I was positively shocked. It was the ugliest thing I had ever seen. My first thoughts about the appearance of my genitalia were very negative. And I didn't look at it again for at least a year. I got over my shock eventually (actually, I'm fine with it's appearance now), and as an adult I try to take good care of that area of my body, so I take a gander at it from time to time. No problem.

But it all came back to me today when a coworker told me about her 7 year old son who saw his father's penis on the weekend. Here's what she heard from the bedroom...'s so THICK...and HAIRY....."

She didn't know what he was commenting on so when her husband told her that their son came into the bedroom while he was getting changed, she laughed. She soon had a conversation with her son about what he had seen. Of course he had questions....

"Is that what mine will look like when I grow up?"

"Most likely", she said.

"I know why his is like that. It's because he was cut!"(circumcised)

Too funny. It made me think back to what I first thought upon my discovery. It also brought back to me the memory of seeing my grandmother's pubic hair as a child. She and I were sharing a bed and when I got up in the morning the covers were off her and her nightie was hiked up a little bit (she's probably rolling over in her grave right now, thinking that I saw her pubic hair and am now telling the world). I was astonished that her pubic hair was gray. OMG! I was positively shocked. It had never occurred to me that your pubic hair would turn gray along with the hair on your head. I quickly pulled the covers over her in case anyone else came into the room.

I have about 80% gray on my head (that I colour). But I ain't sayin' what's under the clothes.

The pic is "Fun Betty" pubic hair colour. "For the hair down there"



Is it wrong to laugh here about such a "serious" subject? Because I am...and I can't help myself!

Linda D. in Seattle


I laughed so hard with this one.

A friend of mine told me a story about her 6 yr-old daughter. The daughter had come to her mom and asked her about a 'mystery hole.' My friend didn't immediately know to what she was referring and tried not to laugh when the daughter explained.

She had recently discovered her vagina and was confused as to 'what' it was. So they had a talk and when the discussion came to how babies were born, the daughter became just a wee bit concerned. My friend explained that God designed a woman's body to have babies and that it all works out okay.

the 'mystery hole' - that cracks me up each time I think about it.

Shauna said...

It's a mystery to me sometimes, That's what I'm calling it from now on....

It is funny. Go ahead and laugh.


Anonymous said...

Very funny. Thanks for the laugh.