Friday, February 29, 2008

I'm Late! I'm Late!

Meant to do this yesterday but life got in the way...the latest MS Carnival is up! Go check it out. there's a lovely button on the right side of the page that will take you there.

And the title of this post is also a reference to Alice in Wonderland. The Greater Halifax VON are hosting a Mad Hatter Tea Party March 16th at Historic Properties and I volunteered to host the event (my station Kool FM is a sponsor). Actually, I think the VON has a crush on me, they keep having me host their events. Anyway, I was asked if I would mind being Alice. Once I stopped laughing at the idea of me in a blonde wig, I said yes. Actually, I love getting dressed up in costume so I'm really looking forward to this. There will be pictures, I

Maybe I'll keep the wig if John has a thing for blondes.



Beware of dancing cards...that's all I'll say. LOL

I imagine they DO have a crush on are Hi Larry Usly funny...probably even more so in a blonde wig.

Linda D. in Seattle


Shauna, thank you so much for the rather thoughtful comment you left on my blog last night. Beautiful written and right on target.

I'm still contemplating how I could best take an active role in spreading awareness of the many challenges those with MS may face. I admire those MSers, such as yourself, who are able to use their professional notoriety to create opportunities to educate and bring about awareness. And I truly most admire those who have lived with MS for many years and are able to draw upon their depth of experience.

thanks shauna

Shauna said...

We'll see in about two weeks...

Thank you for your comments. It was at the end of a lonnnngg week and I had written my comment to your posting twice before finally settling on the one I left.
As far as notoriety goes(love that word), it is an opportunity that is POUNDING on my door, not just knocking.