Monday, December 2, 2013

Week 6

The week has gone by rather quickly. Let's see if I can remember what I did... I attended a Canadian Immigration Services ceremony last Friday (I was there for work). About 100 new citizens took their oath and became Canadians. It's truly amazing to see people who are so excited to have a new nationality. They have worked extremely hard to get to a new country, make a life, and bring or start their families. And it's kind of funny, in a cute sort of way, to see them all wave little Canadian flags. Quite heart warming really. There is a very large immigrant population here - the figures indicate some 60 or more nationalities working here. One couple I spoke with had been here for 30 years and felt in their hearts they were Canadian already so delayed actually making it official. Until now anyway. Although about 30% of the population here is from the Maritimes, there is still not the same level of friendliness you find there. No one is rude, just not as friendly as back home. But that doesn't stop me from talking to almost everyone I encounter, like at the gas station, the grocery store, the bus stop... I've been to the main recreation facility here where I have a membership.It'san amazing facility and I'll probably go for a swim tomorrow after my workout...yay! On the MS front, no problems. Which is good. Navigating the provincial health system is going to be interesting. I actually have a neurologist lined up before I even have a family doctor. That will be my next task to attend to. And find a dentist, too... I have done a little Christmas shopping as well. This Christmas will see me having a meal with the guys on Christmas Eve, as I believe both are working Christmas day. The Knights of Columbus put on a Christmas Day meal for anyone who isn't going to be with family on the holiday so I think I'll head there (the Catholic church)as a volunteer(I heard they need people for the meal). And I was speaking with someone today who is connected to a number of non-profits, so she'll help me find a group to volunteer with. So as you can see, I'm settling in. The 6-7 hours of daylight thing is a little disconcerting, but not completely bizarre. When you think it's later than it is, it actually isn't. Lol. Still haven't seen the Northern lights though. I'm looking for them. S.

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