Saturday, December 7, 2013

Here we are, December 7 and Christmas is just around the corner. I will be wrapping presents tomorrow and putting them in the mail Monday. I have to be ahead of the game this year as I'm thousand of miles away from mom and dad. Or something like that. The guy I'm renting from and the other boarder are both working Christmas Day, so we're going to have our dinner on Christmas Eve and invite friends to join us. I have no friends yet. Just kidding. But I have invited a couple of co-workers who are going to be in town over Christmas as well. On Christmas Day I'll be over at a church hall helping out the Knights of Columbus serve up dinner to anyone who wants it. That's another way to get to know some people here. I spoke with the guy who organizes the dinner and he said all walks of life come in, from CEOs to homeless, so it will be interesting anyway. A good way to spend Christmas I think. And if the windchill is negligible I may go for a walk, too. The year before last I was lucky enough to see a seal in the Bedford Basin on my Christmas day walk. No seals in Fort Mac, but maybe I'll see signs of other creatures. Here's hoping!

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