Thursday, November 5, 2009

Waving at Trains

Remember as a kid, if you were walking by railroad tracks and a train came by, you'd wave at the engineer and make a motion of pulling on a cord? Then he'd wave back and blow the train's horn? Yeah. Good times, eh? I still do it. And it's been happening more frequently of late as my walks have taken me close to railroad tracks. I still get a bit of a rush when I hear a train and look eagerly to the engine and try to catch the engineer's eye. Then I wave like a bloody fool. Depending on the hour, I'll make the pulling motion, too. I don't do it if it's before 9 in the morning as I don't want to unnecessarily wake up the people sleeping in. My reward? Getting a wave and a honk back. I love that! Who doesn't though?

I've been getting job alerts via e-mail about anything having to do with public relations. This morning's included an opening for a train engineer. One of the requirements for this job involved some measure of public relations, which at first had me puzzled. Until I read the full ad. The public relations part of the job was "waving to people". I actually laughed out loud. How great is that?



steve said...

I used to do the same thing. Still do when I get the opportunity. The most recent time was this past summer much to the total amazement/shock/embarassment/surprise of my significant other and the off spring.

It was such an excellent flashback.

And my compliments on a very becoming photo!!!

Shauna said...

Thanks, sweetie. The Wookie took the new pic of me.

Here's another flashback for ya'. The next time you go grocery shopping, peel off a chiquita banana sticker and put it on your forehead....


steve said...

how about chiquita banana stickers on your glasses?