Thursday, November 19, 2009

Is There a Doctor in House?

Anyone watch "House" the other night? For the first time since the show began, I actually figured out the illness before too long. It had to do with the Hygeine Hypothesis - eating dirt as a kid offers some protection against things like asthma and Crohn's and Colitis...and, I might add, MS.

I've explained this theory before - see Diet of Worms. There are studies under way using helminths(worms) to see if and how they improve certain conditions. And the patient in House was finally given a glass of water to drink with the worms in it. Cool.

Speaking of protection, I went to a clinic this week for my seasonal and H1N1 flu shots. We've had different groups selected each week to go to these public clinics and my group finally came up. But be forewarned. My arm is a still a little sore. The H1N1 vaccine is a little more intense than the regular flu shot. Actually, the shot itself is relatively painless, but the after effect is a little harsher.

Aside from the usual controversy about vaccines in general, there are people who don't think they need a flu shot or shouldn't have one because of MS. Wrong. If you have MS, you are still susceptible to the flu, swine or other type. And we all know what a fever can do to those of us with MS, so why wouldn't you get a flu shot? Unless you're allergic to the components of the vaccine, get your shots. Apparently it takes 10 days or so for the immunity to kick here's hoping I don't run into any sick people for the next week.


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