Monday, June 8, 2009

Here I Am

I've been so busy again this past week I haven't been able to download a week and a half's worth of pictures until tonight.

On the weekend I saw Lefty in the parking lot as I was leaving so snapped a quick shot:

Lady slipper on a hike a week ago:

A rabbit on the multi use trail yesterday:

And a bee fly or wasp in the dandelions:

I facilitated a meeting of three candidates running in the provincial election. Several disabled organizations agreed to 6 questions pertaining disabled issues and the meeting was held in front of an audience to give folks a better idea of the partys' platforms. Aside from one little glitch towards the end I think it went well. I also hosted a gala fundraiser Friday night, even wearing heels and a skirt. Luckily there were no wardrobe malfunctions and things went fairly well there as well.

Our provincial election is tomorrow. I'm hoping to get to a lecture Wednesday night, get some more biking in when the weather clears after the weekend, and continue actively fundraising for the bike tour. Somewhere in there I'm trying to do laundry and other domestic chores. Oh! And spend some quality time with the Wookie. so forgive me if I appear to be MIA over the next couple of weeks. I'm here. Just you know what I mean.



Denver Refashionista said...

I love the latest pics.

Shauna said...

Thanks DR....hopefully I'll have more from this weekend coming up.