Monday, February 23, 2009

An Observation

I kid a lot about MS, about how people with MS are the best looking people I know or how they have the best sense of humour.

Truth is, people with MS are no different from any other group of people. Some are idiots who I want to slap into next week, but we are all just people.

People have their faults of course. Some people are in denial about their surroundings, blaming their personal relationship problems on MS. Some are ostriches, ignoring the problems they do have, whether it's because of MS or not.

I know people who are constantly angry, seemingly about their MS, but they were angry before the MS. I know people who have ignored their MS to the point that it has done irreversible damage.

There are people who constantly make a loud noise who actually have the least to complain about. Their glass is always half empty.

Mostly people are nice and they are the ones I will continue to speak for when talking to donors. The up side is that the whiners will benefit as well, only they will never know it.



Yes, it takes all kinds whether they have MS or not. However, I am thankful that you continue to do such great advocacy work on behalf of everybody. Thank you.

steve said...

Everyone should remember that everyday above ground is a great day. Whiners included.

Shauna said...

Thanks for the thanks. I was frustrated again with my dealings with another MSer at the time. Only once have I lost my cool with someone, but she later thanked me for the wake-up call.

I agree. I love daisies but am not quite ready to be pushing 'em up.