Monday, February 16, 2009

Flowers and Bugs

Happy Valentine's Day! OK, I'm late, but the wookie wasn't late with the flowers.

Saturday evening we invited my neighbour over for desert and coffee. She happens to be the superintendant of the building, lives right across the hall from me, and has become a good friend. She told us that Friday night when we were out, she smelled smoke in the hallway and was outside my door thinking it might have been in my apartment. Then a bunch of things went racing through her mind: would she go in and grab the fish in its tank to save it? Or could she grab a bunch of my mounted and framed bugs I have hanging on the wall to save them?

I told her if that happens pull the fire alarm to get everyone in the building out, call the fire department and GET OUT! Never mind the fish- I bought it to feed aquatic insects almost a year ago. Never mind the bugs- they're already dead and there are plenty more out there.

But how sweet. That's a true friend, wanting to save my creepy crawlies from being destroyed.

Turns out there was no smoke. Possibly someone burning something in their apartment. But I did learn something new about my friend.


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