Sunday, December 28, 2008

More Bug Close-ups

This is the eye of a butterfly, a specimen I found at the side of the road one day coming back from a bike ride to Jack's Lake:

And a close-up of its antenna:

It was rather coincidental that I found a live ladybug in the hallway of my building the other morning. They are usually snug under a layer of snow waiting for the spring this time of year. Sometimes they find their way inside, like this one. It kept moving around so was a little hard to take a still photo. Must work on taking movies next.

And a close-up of its head:

After the exam was over I let the ladybug go in my living room.

The Wookie and I and two friends went to a basketball game last night, an exhibition match up between the Halifax Rainmen and the Chicago Throwbacks. A woman was sitting behind us with 3 small kids, and the youngest kept saying Dada. The mom would say "Daddy's working honey. He can't see you right now". Then we'd hear "Dada" again. And the mom said "Daddy's guarding someone, honey". That's when we clued in that Dada was one of the players. Too funny.

Back to work tomorrow. I've rather enjoyed the past 4 and a half days off.




Amazing photos!!

Jen said...

I'm enthralled! (Yes, I'm that weird....)

Shauna said...

I may have to start growing something in my fridge to look at it up close....


Denver Refashionista said...

Looks like you had a fun vacation.


That Lady Bug back is totally awesome!!! This is done with your microscope camera?!? **thumbing through ads now**

Linda D. in seattle