Monday, November 3, 2008


I have one of the busiest weeks planned this week and it started yesterday. I was co-hosting a fundraiser for the a local senior's home. What's interesting about this particular home is that it is not just one building. It has a number of buildings in the neighbourhood. Some are for independent living, some have a few services available for the residents and some are "this" close to full service. In the main building is a hair salon, a drug store, a pub (of sorts) and a gym. There are regular activities in the various "meeting rooms" and concerts for the residents and there seems to be a continuous stream of cubs and brownies going in to entertain the older folks.

Most of the people living in these residences are elderly. But there are a few younger disabled people in there, too. I know a couple of women my age, with MS, who are residents of one of these homes. If I end up in one of these residences at least I know they'll take pretty good care of me.

The fundraiser was an afternoon of sampling chocolate in all forms - in cake, mousse (no sign of Sarah Palin), petits fours, ice cream, icings, as a dip, covering cookies, with meringues...When asked if I would co-host this event my response was OH YEAH. Because they feed me at these things. I have no shame. I'll work for my supper. Ahhhhh....I only gained a half pound.

It was definitely fun. And I didn't have to make supper last night. I had chocolate.


Bubbie said...

Will Work for Chocolate! Why didn't I think of that?

Merelyme said...

did you say chocolate to a woman with PMS? lead the way! those treats sure do look and sound yummy.

just to let you know our beloved diane standiford has a wonderful interview up on health central. come check it out!


It was good timing this year to have Halloween and left-over chocolate candy just on the days I needed it so. But that stuff you're looking at, seems divine.

Shauna said...

It was quite yummy.....and contrary to waht others may tell you, I did not go back 3 times. It was 4.