Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bug Update

You may be wondering what exactly you're looking at. Me, too. Actually, what I thought was a giant caddisfly larva may be something else entirely, but I'm still working on identifying it. In the above picture you can see it poking out of the little twig it has been using for a home. The twig itself is 2 inches long and this thing almost filled it.
On the floor of the aquarium is green gravel and a bunch of different coloured beads. The twig in the back along the bottom has about a half inch of exposed larva sticking out on the left. It was just out cruising around for food. It did eat the other two littler caddisfly larvae.
So yesterday morning after having this creature in my possession for two weeks, I discovered it had abandoned it's twig home. In the pic above it appears as a green worm-like alien. Last night it began wiggling like mad, seemingly to rid itself of it's outer skin. After not having seen it for a couple of days, it would appear it's in some stage of metamorphosis. you can make out one eye close to the top of its head.
This afternoon it still hasn't managed to get out of its skin, but it still tries...between rests.
Also in the aquarium are two female guppy feeder fish (not to be confused with the Gund stuffed animals behind the aquarium or the hanging glass seahorse). You can see very dark spots on their abdomens, which apparently are the eyes of the baby guppies waiting for birth. Yep, guppies are live breeders. No eggs in the sand for these things.

Perhaps now you can understand my excitement last night. And I haven't even talked about the wasps! I'll save that for another post. Don't want to get you too excited all at once.



Nervus Rex said...

COOL COOL COOL COOL!! I can't wait to show my kids! I love this stuff!!

Congrats on the new/metamorphosing family members!



Your house is somewhat of a "creature feature" in progress, eh? (See, I CAN speak Canadian! LOL)

You go girl..whatever makes you happy. Although I'd have to ask you to confine your bugs in one suitcase if you ever came for a visit!

Linda D. in Seattle

Shauna said...

I was sorely tempted to call a co-worker the other night to get her to bring her kids over to see....but it was 10:30...too late.

If I came to visit I wouldn't bring any creatures with me, though I may leave with
the Canadianese is coming along quite nicely...