Saturday, November 9, 2013

I will have to just make this a quickie as my work schedule is a little crazy. Yes, Fort McMurray (or should I say the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo) is cold. But so far I'm enjoying it, and they tell me that "I ain't seen nothin' yet" so my opinion could change. I have been in frequent contact with the parental units since the move. And a few friends as well have reached out and kept me in the loop of happenings back home. I haven't had a chance to check out the Alberta MS Society in any great detail yet, but there is apparently a chapter in my neck of the woods. So once I have found those folks, I'll get started on volunteer work. As well, by MS Bike Tour team will have to cycle on without me this year, at least in person. But I'm thinking of forming the Cycledelics -Fort Mac Chapter and maybe organizing a bike tour of my own this summer to coincide with the gang in Nova Scotia. If not, I have my bike and trainer with me so I could set up the bike and just pretend I'm doing the Valleys to Vineyards tour. Two weeks ago I was at a Halloween party in Halifax. Now I'm at 57°N and a few thousand kilometres to the west of Nova Scotia in a boreal forest zone. Wow. S.

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