Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Learning Has Begun

Almost two weeks into my return to school and I finally have a few moments to post an entry. I am so impressed with the whole process that the Nova Scotia Community College has arranged; they have made it so easy to get through the usual red tape that this sort of thing involves. Although, as I think about it now, the efficient use of information technology is probably what has made the process simpler to navigate, even for those of us who are technologically challenged.

The campus I am attending is about a half hour drive away from where I live. It is situated in Dartmouth, along the waterfront, with a phenomenal view of the harbour and Halifax on the other side. If you're outside at noon, you can hear the firing of the noon cannon from the Halifax Citadel. On foggy days, you can hear the harbour fog horns signaling to the sea going ships. I can also see Theodore Tugboat tied up at a dock directly across the harbour (for those of you with small children, you may be aware of this children's TV character). The grounds themselves are attractive, with walking paths and lots of greenery.

Parking is at a premium and as the college is trying to get "green" certification, they are not really doing too much about it. There are shuttle buses available from a couple of parking lots off site which definitely assists those of us with a finite amount of available energy for walking.

So far, the staff I've met have been warm, welcoming, and helpful. This applies to teaching staff and maintenance personnel alike. I already knew a couple of the instructors and I have run into a few other people I knew from other parts of my life, including a gal who works at the local coffee shop, a former MS Society employee, and a former co-worker. A funny thing happened on the second day when a young man, Shane, sat next to me in class. As we were talking I realized he is the son of a man with whom I attended junior high school and recently renewed my acquaintance. I also ran into a young woman I had mentored at the radio station a couple of years ago, Jessica. She is now in the paralegal program at the college.

I am not the oldest student in my class, but close to it. I wasn't feeling old until I met Shane on day two. And then yesterday, when our marketing instructor asked for an example of an aggressive salesman, I volunteered "Herb Tarlick". The silence was deafening. Not one student in the class was familiar with this character from WKRP in Cincinnati. At least the instructor knew who I was talking about.

The one class I was dreading was economics. However, the instructor is energetic, interesting, charismatic, and he just loves teaching. he also appears to be a fan (or at least has read) Malcolm Gladwell, whose books I have consumed in the past year. I am now looking forward to this class.

I was doing math homework last night and it was like I was back in grade 10. I loved doing it. A blank piece of paper, a pencil, and a calculator, and I was in my glory. Some of it was a little difficult as I couldn't recall a few basic things about fractions, but I managed to complete it. The Wookie assisted me in recalling those basics this evening and the light went on above my head. I love that feeling.

I will take my camera to school tomorrow so I can post some pictures on the weekend. This is going to be fun.


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