Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ode to a Code

Of all the ills to plague mankind
This is one that eats your mind.

You hack, you sneeze, your eyes they water
You blow your nose (at least you oughter).

Hot, then cold sweats drench your torso
Like men-o-pause but only more so.

Your head it pounds, your body aches;
Upon your bed you lie awake.

You cough up stuff with amazing trajectory,
Your sinuses drain like a major snot factory.

Hot tea, cold juice, warm socks, kleenex
From this grippe, oh Lord, release us.



Heather said...


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steve said...

Steve's "code" remedy

Remedy #2 - Extra strength Neo Citran followed by an extra strength Contact C - careful with this - don't drive, drink, or have any other recreational hallucinagen. This combo will make you sleep at least 15 hours with a good buzz. You may want to put on your favorite CD as you are dozing off. Guaranteed you will hear instruments that were not there before. Pink Floyd's "The Wall" sounds much better with this combo. Early Genesis with Peter Gabriel is also a good accompaniment to this cure.

You will sweat out what ails you. Worked great in University, works great today!



Shauna said...


I seem to recall beer being your "buzz" of choice....lol.

And from the Wookie: "He is right about one thing.....don't do that and expect to do anything other than lay down.....be good to have someone else there with you (like a college room mate) who can call the morgue when you're getting ripe....lol....seriously, that probably won't kill you....but.....at the very least, read all the ingredient labels and talk it over with a Dr. or at least a Pharmacist first.... :)

He's probably right about the music too.... :)"

So kiddies, I'll not say that what Steve suggests is the best thing to do for your "code". I will agree on his musical selections as far as artists go. But I prefer Dark Side of the Moon and '85-'95 Peter Gabriel.

PS: I'm on the mend.

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