Monday, August 25, 2008

Busy Vacation So Far

I've had a very busy couple of days. After our work on the digger logs Saturday, I was MCing a big concert just outside of the city. It was an opportunity to take Cranky Baby with me and take some more pictures. The first one is with a couple of the Road Dawgs who were helping out at the concert. The guy holding Cranky Baby was immediately smitten.
Before any of the bands took to the stage I gave Cranky Baby a chance to feel like a rock star.

Some of us in the VIP tent acting like idiots.
On Sunday morning the Wookie and I did a 14 k bike ride on part of the Salt Marsh Trail from Lawrencetown Beach. Part of the trail goes through dense woods, then right through the marsh. The weather has wreaked havoc with the trail in the exposed Marsh areas, with two hurricanes in 6 years being the worst offenders. We don't usually have hurricanes in this part of the world. Hurricane Noel last November and hurricane Juan several years before were unusual events that have changed a lot of the landscape of the city. I will write further about the trail at a later date and post pictures. We also ran into a trail warden who warned us about increased sightings of poison ivy.

After the ride, we went to a wildlife rescue facility that was having an open house. Then off to Mom and Dad's for supper. I finally convinced Dad to pose with Cranky Baby on the Alien Landing Pad. Of course Dad didn't want his face in the picture.
This morning I was off to Palooka's Gym to take some shots of Cranky Baby working out. The gym is owned by a friend and patron of the MS Society.
So as you can see my vacation has been jam-packed so far. And it will continue with more meetings and appointments planned. Actually, later this week I'll be seeing my wonderful family doctor to get final results of all the tests and images that have been taken of the inside of my body (MRI, ultra-sound, blood). I suspect I'll be getting the all clear as I've been feeling 100 % since the surgery and riding 20 k at a time on the bike would indicate that I'm ok.

I wanted to write a post about heat, humidity, and MS, but I'm sweating too much so it'll have to wait for cooler weather. Suffice to say that on these muggy days, I like to ride my bike near the ocean. Or just sit in it.




What IS it about that doll that just has me roaring with laughter???? OH, I suppose it is the silliness of the poses or the person BEHIND all those picture poses that cracks me up so...

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