Friday, November 9, 2007


I had come across a line that rang true with me and saved for when I began my blog. Then I went looking for the source of it. It came from this lady's blog:

Stacy was kind enough to let me quote her.

The line that so resonated with me?

Anyone who has ever gone through a serious illness has probably been told that they are “so strong,” when in fact, that strength has been mistaken for a patient’s need to not inflict any more emotional pain on those surrounding them.

Is my use of humor simply an attempt to make other people feel better? Or do I really just have an excellent sense of irony? I can also be quite sarcastic. Is that another defense mechanism? Or do I really just have an excellent sense of humor? Are my coping mechanisms deemed strength by other people? I certainly hope so.

Otherwise they'd be shocked to know how frightened I am sometimes. That would be a weakness. And most of us don't like others knowing our soft spots. The cat's out of the bag now though, isn't it?


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